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Where are you most beautiful? is the first of three in this series. Believe in yourself! is currently being illustrated and will hopefully be ready to be released sometime before Christmas, 2019. When do I love you? will follow to complete the series. I then have another two stories on Deep Breathing and Positive thoughts to follow after the first series is completed. See MoreSee Less

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Book Review of the week:
"Tummy Buggies" By Talisha Kendell

I saw this book on a shelf at the health food store when I was buying Zyans Carob Bunnys for Easter this year. It was an instant addition to my purchase. I of course clicked through it to confirm it was indeed about what i thought it was. It indeed is… "Tummy Buggies" aka good gut health in kids speak.

Zyan experiences bloating, constipation and flatulence when he eats poorly and i’m really big on having a healthy gut so when we read this book he already knew what the "magic potion called broth" was because its always on hand at our place. He also loves eating soups and knows the importance of vegies and how they make our insides really healthy.

Now, thanks to this book he also understands good and bad bacteria in our bellies aka "Tummy Buggies"

The illustrations compliment perfectly and Zyan never whinges when I choose this book for a bedtime read.

So if you’re at all into holistic health or have a child who feels ill after eating junk and want to explain why it might be so, then this book is a must!

It’s also got a few recipes in the back which are on my "to do" list when I find time x
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Does your child have a joke for our weekly Joke of the week? Please tell me below 🙂 See MoreSee Less

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Although this is an important message for all ages, this book is best suited for children 3 to 7 years of age..

Where are you most Beautiful?
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Dr Seuss is back for our Quote of the Week… Who is your favourite Children’s Book author? See MoreSee Less

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