Where are you most Beautiful

Where Are You Most Beautiful?

The latest offering from author Jasey Stanley is the insightful children’s book – Where are you most beautiful? is the beginning to an exciting view from a mother wanting to encourage self-love in her son.

About the Author

Have you heard about Jasey? The powerhouse female author is raising her son to be emotionally ready to take on the world – which has sparked an entire book series. Read more here

Nurture with Words Regulating children's emotions

Regulating kid’s emotions through drawing

Did you know that drawing can help regulate your child’s emotions? It’s something we often see in young children, especially in the pre-school and starting school ages, where kid’s find it hard to show what they’re feeling, and alternatively, how to deal with it. It can be hard to find different ways to help them […]

Coming Soon Jasey Stanley

See what’s next!

There’s another book on its way soon! Believe in yourself is in its final illustration stage and will hopefully hit the shelves ready for 2019 Christmas gifts. You can stay up to date with the latest books and be the first to know about reease dates by joining up to the newsletter click here or […]