I’ve never been much of a reader. I don’t remember having been read to as a child.  I do remember going through school and if there was a book that we had to read for a project,  I watched the movie and just hoped that that was good enough.
There have been the odd time in my life where I’ve gotten into a book and read it cover to cover, however more often than not, I start and never finished or, skip straight to the end.

English was one of my top subjects in school however study was never a priority of mine and now that I’m older and I have my own child, I wonder if it’s just simply because these habits weren’t instilled at an early age. 
A dear friend of mine dragged my son and I along to the library when out children were young for weekly readings. Prior to this I’ve never been a member of a library before and my only really experience with them had been for school/Tafe assignments.
I’m truly grateful to that friend because the library is now somewhere my son and I go for fun. Its a free activity and we can spend lots of time choosing lots of different story. We also prioritise reading everyday and have lots of fun doing it.

I’m also truly grateful to the librarian who did a little talk on the importance of reading to our children every day and while I can’t remember exactly the reasons and why she said it was important, I do remember trusting what she said and every day since, I’ve made it a habit to read to my son.
It not only gives us quality time together (usually at the end of a day before bed as wind down) it gives us the opportunity to learn things together, understand things together, talk about emotions and feelings together and it also has given me this opportunity to now become a children’s author, which is all through telling stories to my son.

We have a book deal in our house…We read 3 books a night… I  pick one, My son picks two –  a favourite (if i have to read Wacky Wednesday 1 more time I may just go wacky) & a new one or old one we haven’t read for a while.
There’s an article written by Raising Children which goes into a lot more detail on the importance and effects later in life.
(read it here https://raisingchildren.net.au/babies/play-learning/literacy-reading-stories/reading-storytelling ) 

So here’s 4 reasons:

1. ITS FUN! It’s a time where you can be present and in the moment laughing and imagining and being down on the same level with your child. I see it as a chance to bond daily with my son and make memories.

2. IT MAKES THEM SMARTER .. Its creating a solid foundation for their future… according to scientists and studies it really helps cognitively. It promotes brain development and imagination as well as stimulate curiosity and develop communication send social skills.

3. ITS FREE and a cheap past time.. people who love to read will never be bored if they have a good book at hand and with libraries and book clubs you can just borrow without continual outlay of money. Ask friends and family to buy books for gifts. Look for clearance sales. Then all that’s left is ti make reading a culture. Anytime is a good time for a story! 

4. LESSONS it’s an opportunity to choose books that cover topics that you want to explain or instill the meaning and value of. When we’re having issues with aggressive behaviours I bring out the stories about deep breathing and emotions. 

So there you have it… get reading and I’m off to choose the next book for tomorrow night!