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Book Review of the week

Book review of the week:
“Introducing Teddy” By Jessica Walton

This book was a gift for Zyan and we’ve been reading it for a few years now. I remember when my girlfriend gave it to me for him she giggled and said “I’m not sure what you’ll think of this.”

Teddy wears a bow tie but wishes very dearly to wear it as a bow in his hair. This book celebrates being yourself in whatever unique way you feel most comfortable. Today’s society encourages transgender and I think it’s important that our children learn to love themselves exactly as they are. I’ve always encouraged Zyan to choose whatever colour he likes whether it be pink purple blue or green (his favorite is actually yellow) I teach him boys and girls don’t have to be pink and blue.
Zyan doesn’t think twice about Teddy becoming a girl by the end of this book. We love the illustrations and I sometimes find Zyan trying to put bow ties in Gordy’s hair like Teddy (super cute)

I think this book is diverse in a very subtle way and a unique and great read for little people x