About the Author

My name is Jasey Stanley and I am a single mother to Zyan, who has been the inspiration for my entire book series, beginning with ‘Where are you Most Beautiful?’. My focus on getting my now six year old son to be comfortable and happy within himself inspired me to write these books, so that children around the world can benefit from a high self esteem from an early age.

My thoughts on how to create a well balanced, happy and kind offspring led me to start making up short stories at bedtime, and little sayings that my (then) preschooler could remember, reiterate and hopefully, rely upon for challenging times in later years. 

These short stories have now turned into my latest venture, the “Where are you most beautiful” being my first book, and then Believe in Yourself! the second book in the series to follow. And so my publication company, Nurture With Words, was born and soon followed on from writing these books, to then wanting to distribute them across Australia, in a personal way.

Nothing is going to stop me on my mission to help the kids of Australia (and eventually the world) realise that they are all beautiful, kind, loved and capable of anything! 

I truly believe that role modelling these things is imperative to the message being as solid as possible. But it also only takes one persons  influence and voice in a child’s mind to forever play over and help shape their beliefs about themselves, and ultimately shape their life.  I hope my books will help to provide that voice, despite other contrary messages they may hear along the way. I hope you and your little ones enjoy reading my books as much as I have enjoyed creating them – Jasey x